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Florida Elks Youth Camp Wish List

Florida Elks Youth Camp

The greatest single wish of the Board of Directors is to always have the funds availabe to bring any needy child to the Florida Elks Youth Camp to benefit from and cherish the safe camping experience throughout their lives.

Won't you help send a child to camp?

$180.00 Camperships ($180.00 each) $1,800.00 Clothing for Campership children
$2,200.00 Bedding for Campership children $4,500.00 1,500 bird houses for crafts
$9,000.00 Network and systems upgrades $6,000.00 Tie Dye Shirts
$33.00 Compass 50 ea. $5,000.00 Shoes
$150.00 Garmin GPS 40 ea. for Geo Cache $14,450.00 Production Printer
$800.00 Youth Softball Gloves (50) $900.00 Teen Softball Gloves (50)
$1,491.00 Backlit Project Screen 2 ea. $8,000.00 Video Camera
$2,899.00 Outdoor blowup projection screen $900.00 Jumping Jack
$20,000.00 Dump Truck $36,000.00 Replacement Furniture Education Bulding
$12,000.00 Mattress - Educational Building $8,200.00 Office upgrades
$700.00 Batting Helmets $4,300.00 Audio/video equipment 2 sets
$20,000.00 Sod - property beautification $30,000.00 Reforestation ($300.00 per donation)
$4,900.00 Dishwasher $2,000.00 Field Games & Props

There are a lot of expensive items needed at the camp. Partial donations may be made toward the purchase of an item.

Where are we located?
Florida State Elks Association, Inc.
24175 S.E. Hwy 450
PO Box 49
Umatilla, FL 32784
Florida Elks Youth Camp