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Preserve any person, event, or memory with a personalized brick at your Florida Elks Youth Camp in Umatilla, Florida. 

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Florida Ladies of Elks

FLOE Officers 2020-2021

Linda Rittenhouse FLOE President
Linda Rittenhouse
Felicia Vuletich - Vice President
Felicia Vuletich, PSP
Laura Sardella - Secretary
Laura Sardella
Joyce Ludwick - Treasurer
Joyce Ludwick
Pauline Talbot- Chaplain
Pauline Talbot
Judy Schall-Parliamentarian
Judy Schall
Patti Phillips- Historian
Patti Phillips
Connie Poage-1-Year Advisory Chairlady
Connie Poage, PSP
1-Year Advisory-Chairlady
Judy Reyes, PSP-1-Year Advisory Judy Reyes, PSP
1-Year Advisory
Mary McCoy-PSP 2-Year Advisory
Mary McCoy, PSP
2-Year Advisory
Nancy Gorby-2-Year Advisory
Nancy Gorby
2-Year Advisory
Felicia Vuletich-PSP 3-Year Advisory Felicia Vuletich, PSP
3-Year Advisory-Secretary
Judy Fournier-3-Year Advisory
Judy Fournier
3-Year Advisory
Adella Ashton, PSP - 4-Year Advisory Adella Ashton, PSP
4-Year Advisory
Susie Harlow- 4-Year Advisory
Susie Harlow
4-Year Advisory