The FSEA Mission & Vision Card is a wallet-sized card that encompasses the guiding principles and values that all Florida Elks should aspire to each and every day. These values, approved by the FSEA Board of Directors, showcase:   

  • Our VisionFSEA Vision & Mission Card
  • Our Mission
  • Our Core Values
  • The Elks Promise (how each of us behave with one another) 

More than just words, these principles set the “Gold Standard” on how Lodge officers should interact with its Members and how Members should interact with one another. The cards are specifically designed to be carried on every Elk’s person in their wallet or purse to serve as a daily reminder of our obligation to the Order, our Lodge and most importantly, to each other.

As a recruitment tool, think of the impact of taking this card from your wallet and handing it to a non-Elk. It would clearly show them that it was important enough to you that you kept it on your person.    

FSEA Vision & Mission Card


The Florida Elks have built a legacy of extraordinary service to one another and to our communities. We can continue this legacy only if we live by the values inscribed on the Mission & Vision card - every day. For us to do otherwise would indicate a lack of commitment to the principles celebrated within. As this country’s premier fraternal organization, it is important that Florida Elks walk the talk.  

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