The Initiation Ritual is not just a tradition: It is the heart of Elkdom. It defines who we are, how we should conduct our lives, and why we do the things we do as Elks. Properly exemplified, it provides the new member with a road map of how to be an effective Elk and a faithful and productive member of society.

We practice the Ritual so that we can be more effective in exemplifying its teachings and better prepare new members to become contributing active Elks.  Like any activity intended to have a positive impression and long lasting effect, preparation is the key.  Only when we as Elks are willing to give the time to preparation do we demonstrate the importance of the content of our message.

Our Ritual contests provide a means for Elks, who have prepared to exemplify the teachings of Elkdom, to be rewarded for their time and effort and to be recognized for their contribution to the future of Elkdom.

Charity - Justice - Brotherly Love - Fidelity

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