Accident Prevention

A big part of any accident prevention activity is communication at the Lodge level between its officers and members. 

To get the safety message out, and to keep it constantly top of mind, all members of the Lodge must communicate with one another. Too often, the Lodge Secretary (the recipient of many notices and information) does not actively talk with the Board. The reverse is also true.

The Secretary is primarily responsible for passing out information to the other leaders of the Lodge. The Board is responsible for appointing the Lodge’s Accident Prevention Manager. The Board must do this as they are responsible for making it work.

While most Lodges try to work as a team, each year the Grand Lodge receives calls from various Lodge leaders asking about insurance policies and other matters related to insurance and safety issues that are clearly stated in information provided to the Lodge by many sources. The Insurance Department is always glad to provide information and assistance, but the prime concern is that the Lodge’s leaders are not talking to each other and not cooperating to accomplish accident prevention and, for that matter, good Lodge management.

The menu links cover six A&P categories, each with a list of topics that all Lodge officers and members should familiarize themselves with.