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The Florida Elks Resource Center is designed to give our Florida Elks all the materials they need to market and promote their lodges and activities. This page is an ever evolving resource, so please contact us if there is something you're looking for that is not found below. We will make every attempt to get you the content you need to make your lodge...

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Laz Suarez
Marketing Manager / Web Administrator

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Below are the banners used at FSEA events and conferences.
Each banner measures 30"W x 70"H.
Smaller graphic versions of those banner s are also available for download below. Those smaller version can used in emails, flyers, etc. A stand is required for each banner.
The YELLOW button will direct you to a website where you can upload the LARGE version. That website also offers a stand, HOWEVER it is more expensive than the one FSEA uses. That stand can be purchased separately on Amazon buy clicking the GREEN button.



(Click image to download form)

FSEA Promotional Tent

Download Form