tabletopdisplayAn Innovative New Tool to Build Membership

Tired of just handing out brochures? Here’s an innovative, new tool to build membership. Request a board like this from your District Publicity & Public Relations Chairman to use at your next Lodge event open to the public.

Things to Know:

  • Use this display to educate nonmembers
  • Easy to add & remove display items
  • Can customize your own display
  • Display items also available upon request from the FSEA
  • No charge


  • Eye-catching to potential members
  • Displays Lodge contributions to the community
  • Looks professional
  • Does not need to be staffed
  • Lightweight & convenient to handle

Customizing Your Display:

  • Use attention grabbing headline
  • Keep it simple
  • Use only 3 colors (repeat them in text, frames, & design)
  • More graphics – less text
  • Use bullet points
  • Use short phrases – not paragraphs
  • Use same font throughout
  • Include website (Lodge and/or state) and contact information

Tabletop Display Links

Examples of Tabletop Display Board Panels You Can Order from the FSEA

Examples of Customized Tabletop Display Board Panels for Individual Lodges

Examples of Tabletop Display Board Panels Designed by Individual Lodges

For assistance in designing and printing panels for your tabletop display board, please call or email Rachael King at the Florida State Elks Association at 352-669-2241 ext. 237 or