Elks News Center


Please attach photos to your email as a file. DO NOT insert in the copy.  Allowed file extensions for images are: jpg, jpeg, gif or png. Save the photo to your computer as a 'Save As' file. Preferred file naming protocol is as follows:

  • SWC-lakeplacid-nameofevent
  • NE-jacksonville-foodpantry

Please be sure to indicate the photo file name in the article copy.  

Photo Subject Matter

  • All individuals must be identified from left to right wth full names and titles.
  • Photos should never show the presence of alcohol or cigarettes.
  • The backdrop or background is also important and the photographer should frame each shot carefully.
  • Remember that any photo submitted may be used for marketing or other purposes. If permissions are required, it is the responsibility of the lodge to secure them.

Photo Reproduction Quality

  • Photos must be of good quality and not modified from your camera. Pick 2-3 that best represent the event. Blurred, grainy or dark pictures cannot be used.
  • Scanned photos or documents will not be accepted.

Digital Photographs

  • Not all digital images are created equal. The key to good, reproducable digital photos is the file size of the image, with larger, higher resolution images preferred. It is important to create, save and send images in as high resolution format as possible.
  • Digital photos should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) to be reproduced with acceptable quality. Digital cameras generally can be set for high resolution. Look at your camera settings for details.