Elks News Center

Although you can submit an article up to the published deadline dates, we are asking lodges to send articles within two weeks of the event to their District Reporter and to the FSEA instead of waiting until the end of the quarter. By doing so, we can showcase an event on the FSEA Facebook page and the Florida Elks News Online (FENO) edition for those online members who appreciate receiving their news sooner.

When emailing your article, please send it to the following individuals:

In addition to email, you may submit articles and photos using the FEN Online Article Submission Form menu link. Online submissions will be forwarded to all the appropriate individuals noted above. This is the preferred way to send articles. It's easy and simple to use. 

 General Guidelines

  • Submissions should be timely. If possible, email your submission within two weeks of the date of your lodge's event.

  • Information must be clear and complete. Answer the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when and why. Be sure to mention who benefitted from the lodge activity - children, veterans, students, etc.

  • Include a contact person and email address in case we need more information.

  • Articles must be single spaced. Please do not use all capital letters or use bold type or underlines. Double check the spelling of all names. Obvious mistakes will be edited and corrected.

  • Suggested length of articles should not average more than 200-300 words per lodge. Approximately 1,500-1,600 words are appropriate for the entire district, but much less when photos are to be used. A photo takes up about 200-300 words.

  • Please do not submit physical newspaper articles or other published material. Most print publications with online editions will allow you to share a copyrighted story via an email link. These can be emailed to the Florida Elks News contacts listed above. 

Appropriate Material

Here is a short list of suggested news item material:

Charitable activities                                     Civic involvement

Fundraising projects                                    Lodge major projects

State President visitations                           Drug Awareness projects

Youth programs                                           Ladies of Elks activities

Veterans services                                        Lodge/District Soccer Shoot

Lodge/District Hoop Shoot                          Personality profiles of prominent Elks

Scholarship winners